cmil::Motion Member List

This is the complete list of members for cmil::Motion, including all inherited members.

clone()cmil::Motion [inline, virtual]
createEv() const cmil::InputData [virtual]
DeviceInputs classcmil::InputData [friend]
DeviceRegistry classcmil::InputData [friend]
do_run(MotionAction *action) const cmil::Motion [inline]
getID() const cmil::InputData [inline]
getName() const cmil::Motion [inline, virtual]
getState() const cmil::InputData [inline]
getTime() const cmil::InputData [inline]
InputData(const std::string &name)cmil::InputData [inline]
isActionCompatible(InputAction *const action) const cmil::tInputData< ActionType > [inline, virtual]
log_debug(const std::string &message) const Logger [inline]
log_error(const std::string &message) const Logger [inline]
m_statecmil::InputData [protected]
m_xrelcmil::Motion [private]
m_yrelcmil::Motion [private]
Motion(const std::string &ident)cmil::Motion [inline]
operator==(const InputData &other)cmil::InputData [inline]
run(InputAction *const action) const cmil::tInputData< ActionType > [inline, virtual]
SDL::Relay classcmil::InputData [friend]
setDevice(const std::string &device)cmil::InputData [inline, protected]
setID(const int id)cmil::InputData [inline, protected]
setMotion(int xrel, int yrel)cmil::Motion [inline]
setName(const std::string &name)cmil::InputData [inline, protected]
setWhichDevice(int num_device)cmil::InputData [inline, protected]
sLogManager typedefLogger
tInputData(const std::string &name)cmil::tInputData< ActionType > [inline]
~InputData()cmil::InputData [inline, virtual]
~Logger()Logger [inline, virtual]

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